Our mission for the FishingCross design- "a symbol of your relationship".  It is my opinion that over the years the cross has lost its meaning.  I have witnessed to people that were stumbling drunk, that were wearing a cross.  If you watch TV for any amount of time, you will see a reality TV star that is anything but a professing Christian, wearing a cross.  It has lost it's meaning of being worn by a Christian, now it's a fad or just fashion.  It is not my desire here at FishingCross to sell one to everybody that likes it.  I would like it to be worn by those that are walking in faith, in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.   My desire is for it to be "a symbol of your relationship" with Christ.  As we draw closer and closer to the return of Christ, we see tolerance being taught for everything and everyone... unless you're a Christian. As persecution of Christians becomes more and more prevalent in other countries it is also becoming accepted here. Just as the ichthus was once an underground symbol of Christianity, I would like for this fish cross design to become the modern "underground" symbol of a relationship with Christ, not a fashion statement.

Our mission for the FishingCross business-  It can be summed up in two words, Faith and Food.   The vision that God has given me for the business is that its purpose is to help people prepare for the famine that is coming. According to Revelation in the end days there will be famine. I believe we are heading into the end days and the more we can put away the better off you'll be. To begin with we will start offering food storage for sale. Mostly 25 year shelf life long term food storage buckets and cans. Then we will acquire land and start growing our own crops to be  freeze dried and sold.

Prayer- Please pray for us.  As a business owner and a family we are juggling a lot of choices and what direction to go.  My prayer is that I can clearly see the direction that God wants me to take at any given time.