Q: Is the FishingCross design patented?

A: Technically it is a copyright, and yes it is.  The way that the cross and ichthus is put together in our design is one of a kind and can not be duplicated without our permission.  There is another company out there (without naming names) that saw our design at a trade show and a year or so later came out with a crossfish design.  The difference between theirs and ours is while it's being rotated.  While you rotate ours you can always see the cross the fish or a combination of the two.  While you rotate theirs it breaks up into nothing between the cross and fish views.

Q: Are FishingCross products available in any retail stores?

A: Not at this time.  At one time we were looking at getting into retail stores.  After thinking about it we realized that selling through stores greatly reduces our profit margin and therefore reduces the amount we can give to missions.  We are considering an exclusive relationship with one well known national chain.  At this time we are focusing on getting our products out there and growing the business.

Q: Is the web site the only place I can get a FishingCross?

A: Yes.   Sometimes we may team up with missionaries or traveling ministers.  We encourage you to check out Tim Brown and find out where he may be ministering close to you.  

Q: Can I get a pendant with a birthstone/diamond/ etc?

A: Yes, we work with a few different casting companies and can put in a custom order for what ever you would like made, different metal or set with stones.  Just call or email and we can get your request to our manufacturing facility and get you a price on the piece.

Q: Why doesn't my FishingCross look just like the one in the picture?

A: Your FishingCross is a hand made piece of Jewelry. It was made right here in the USA by a local craftsman. The fact that it didn't come from a factory in China means means it is unique and might look slightly different than the photo.