Silver cross and Christian fish pendant...

Spring Cleaning SALE

With the purchase of the Small Bronze Rough Polished Pendant that is already on clearance, receive 15% off a keychain.

Christian Jewelry Earrings give a Month of Food to a Child...

One Month of Food for

One Pair of Sterling Earrings.

Your purchase of a pair of earrings delivers a month of nutritious noon-time meals through Convoy of Hoppe. Convoy of Hope feeds nearly 50,000 kids in six countries and we can help. Order your earrings today to feed a malnourished child for an entire month. View live progress updates here.

Christian Jewelry Pendant donates a PermaNet mosquito net to family to prevent malaria infection...

One Mosquito PermaNet®

for One Bronze Pendant.

The LifeStraw is a personal water filter that offers safe water for a person for a full year. Thanks to Dusty Feet you will sponsor a LifeStraw donation with the purchase of a Sterling Charm Fishingcross. Each charm sold gives a Mosquito Net to a child. Order your pendant today to help protect these kids from malaria and abduction. View live progress updates on the product page.