Silver cross and Christian fish pendant...

5000 years of safe water

delivered since our launch.

With 5000 Lifestraws delivered through Dusty Feet and each Lifestraw offering a child an entire year of safe water Fishingcross has been making an impact. Your orders continue to help those in need. Place your order now to keep this mission moving forward.

Christian Jewelry Earrings give a Month of Food to a Child...

One Month of Food for

One Pair of Sterling Earrings.

Your purchase of a pair of earrings delivers a month of nutritious noon-time meals through Convoy of Hoppe. Convoy of Hope feeds nearly 50,000 kids in six countries and we can help. Order your earrings today to feed a malnourished child for an entire month. View live progress updates here.

Christian Jewelry Pendant donates a PermaNet mosquito net to family to prevent malaria infection...

One Mosquito PermaNet®

for One Bronze Pendant.

The LifeStraw is a personal water filter that offers safe water for a person for a full year. Thanks to Dusty Feet you will sponsor a LifeStraw donation with the purchase of a Sterling Charm Fishingcross. Each charm sold gives a Mosquito Net to a child. Order your pendant today to help protect these kids from malaria and abduction. View live progress updates on the product page.